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Dragon Asphalt

R&G Cooper Engineering were commissioned by Dragon Asphalt to dismantle an asphalt plant in West London and re-erect it in Newport, South Wales. The Plant was dismantled and moved with the necessary care and attention and all items stored safely to ensure no issues occurred during erection. The move to Newport was all coordinated by R&G Cooper Engineering with all 26 loads arriving at their allocated time ensure no wasted crane hire was incurred.

We encountered some issues during the erection phase. Due to site conditions the hot storage unit had to be moved 2m further away from the plant. This could have caused a problem but due to the flexibility and professionalism of the on-site personnel a solution was found by modifying the skip track and skip location under the mixer.

R&G Cooper were also very adaptable in working with the site engineer when designing the hot storage loadcell mounting. This involved joint discussions with the loadcell manufacturer to establish a safe and structurally sound arrangement which would still allow unrestricted vehicle access to the discharge bins. R&G Cooper Fabrications manufactured the modified mountings for the loadcells.

The wiring up of the plant all went to plan with not a single motor turning in the wrong direction. A credit to the electrical contractor employed by R&G.

A very successful safe project, all on time and on budget and one very happy customer!

image of dragon asphalts hot storage

R&G Cooper’s performance was excellent in respect of the erection of our asphalt plant at Newport. Health and safety was of high standard meeting all our and ABP’s requirements. Their actual costings were always in line with forecasts and they were extremely flexible in all aspects of the project. The on site workforce were very professional and empowered with a responsibility for the project which enabled all deadlines to be achieved. I have always found their engineering and operational knowledge of our industry second to none. They are our ‘go to’ contractor for all project, maintenance and re-active works. I’ve known Gary for over 30 years and would always recommend R&G for engineering works in our sector

Mike Cowley , Managing Director

Dragon Asphalt Ltd

image of dragon asphalts hot storage
image of dragon asphalts screen

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